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Odd sort of weekend. I didn't get any animation work done, but I got most of my errands done, and my taxes are finished saved for finding two forms to fill out. I ordered a bolt of silk. I shot my best round of archery to date, and I'm pretty sure I'll not be repeating that any time soon. Terpsichory started weekly rehearsals for the Festival seasons, though I'm not sure I will be going to the Sioux Falls Fest in early June.

Now that D has his PC and all the software necessary to fix it, he brought it all over to fix mine. After Terps rehersal, so it was getting kinda late. He removed the hard drive out of my PC so he could then hook it up to his. I fixed dinner. He had to juggle all the cables and reconnect everything when he PC didn't recognize my drives. He took out his drive from its mount, and set it down. Fiddled with the wires and connections some more, then powered up the machine.


He hadn't been paying attention to where is set down his hard drive. When he powered the system back up, metal bit connected with metal piece and he shorted out and fried his hard drive. It took him ten years to fry his first hard drive, and last night was it.

He will get himself a new hard drive tonight or tomorrow. He has fencing tonight, so tomorrow night will be the next attempt at computer repair. He left his box at my apartment - it's not like he will be using it before Tuesday - and we hid the various parts of box boxes in place my cat can't get to.

After all the computer drama was done, I talked him through basic SCA garb. Told him what he can buy, what I can make, and showed him what fabric I have on hand. He's still not quite sure what he wants to wear, though cotehardies and houppelands are right out. I promised to find him some image links of What People Wear, but if he wants me to make something for him for Northshield Crown Tourney, I've got to get started very soon.
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Catastrophic computer failure last night. Now the stupid thing is caught in a reboot loop whenever I turn it on - at least until I turn it off. I wrote down the text I was able to glimpse during the BSOD flicker, and basically the core/root/whatever is missing, corrupt, or unwritable, commencing with physical dump, please contact system administrator.

I called my brother, and he will be coming over tonight to help me clean up the mess. I'm guessing that we'll have to reinstall Win2000 Pro. He's pretty sure I didn't lose much data, but that I will have to reinstall almost all of the programs. Now that is going to be a pain. Maya in particular requires a very specific sequence to install, and I don't remember all the steps. I don't have a backup of Photoshop, either. I may just bite the bullet and order an Adobe bundle, chock full of image manipulation goodness (Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, etc.)

At a guess, I got hit by a script kiddie. D and I will poke through the innards tonight, run the virus scan, do all that good stuff, and see what there is to see. At least I have the most recent service pack burned to disk, so I don't have to try and download that over my dial-up.

On the upside, I got all my dishes and pots and pans washed, dried, and put away. It was either that or throw a temper tantrum. While that can be cathartic, I had no audience, and in the end, it would have resulted in nothing but a runny nose and puffy eyes. Guess I'll have to settle for giving D a beat-down in Soul Caliber II later this weekend.


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