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Fest today was lovely, except for one thing: My violin had a critial failure right about noon. 

The bridge, which had been warping towards the fingerboard, collapsed and flew off the violin with a resounding crack.  I found it in my basket, and I tried to keep the violin level, but the sound post still fell, and that was that.

Now, there are a lot of minor repairs I can affect, but resetting a sound post is not one of them.  I take my instruements to Claire Givens for repairs, and they are not open on Sundays or Mondays.  If I wanted to have a chance at getting this back before next weekend, I needed to get it in today.

So I did.  I changed out of my Fest costume and drove into downtown Minneapolis, with a plan of dropping it off and going home to pick up the old violin before heading back to Fest.  Claire Givens gave me pleasant surprise:  it would only take them half an hour to fix it, right then and there.  I was back at Fest by 3:30, and in costume and back on the street by 4. 

I havne't counted out my hat pass yet, but there is no way I surpassed last year's opening day, not when I missed so much of the day.  It's also going to affect how I get to play overall this year, as I missed out on the mid-day "land grab."  Also, I'm not gridded at all.  I'm hoping I will get one or two grid spots next week, just to anchor my schedule. but I am quite alright with finding my own corners and time to play. 
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