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dixon_green ([personal profile] dixon_green) wrote2012-11-17 12:21 am

When cats can't get out of things

Velvet likes to stick her head into containers - bags, baskets, boxes, whatever.  Why?  She's a cat.

Last night I was burrowed under the blankets and reading bed, and I heard her exploring in the other room.  Normal bedtime stuff.  Then, an explosion of paper rattling, and 15 pounds of flying frantic fur flailing comes thundering across my bed (oh, I'm so glad I had just put on the thick winter blankets).  I barely have time to flinch before the sounds flee to the basement, thrash around for a bit, then stop.

Apparently, Velvet had stuck her head into a gift bag, through the handle, a handle small enough to make it one way only for little kitty heads. The bag had contained stringed instrument stuff from Claire Givens.  I found cello strings and bits of bag scattered like breadcrumbs along the path Velvet took when trying to escape the evil gift bag that was chasing her with such noise.  She didn't come when I called for her, or when I shook her treats container.  I eventually found her in a far corner of the basement, trying to be as small a meatloaf as she could manage.  The remains of the offending bag were in tatters on the other side of the basement.

Velvet has never liked being carried, and only tolerates being picked up.  I'm not about to do either to her in her freaked out state.  So I rub her head and scritch her ears and make silly calming noises.  When I try longer strokes down her spine, I get the politest little hiss I've ever gotten:  "thank you for your concern, but I'm really quite upset at the moment, so could you please not do that."   I went back to bed.

I woke up at five, and she wasn't on the bed.  This is unusual, so I got up to check on her.  She had left the basement, and was on the couch.   I wasn't going to get much sleep before the alarm went off one way or the other, and Velvet LOVES to sleep on top of me on the sofa.  She hopped up onto the back of the sofa, let me get settled, then sprawled herself over me - she can reach hip to toes with only the tiniest bit of stretch.  I was glad I was able to do something comforting and special for her after her (self-inflicted) epic scare.

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