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I didn't go to work yesterday. I went shopping.

I love shopping this time of year. Most of the department stores are clearancing out their fall and winter inventories at please-get-it-out-of-our-store prices. It requires digging, luck, and visits to multiple stores, but I do it about once a year.

Last year was pretty good. This year, though, the hunt was outstanding.

Six tops
Two skirts
Two pair o' pants
One winter jacket

All within my planned budget. Take out the jacket (which in my mind falls under a different budget category - I've needed to replace my current winter jacket for at least two years), and I came in at just over half my shopping allotment. If I had started earlier in the day, I might have gotten to more stores and found a few more hidden and inexpensive treasures.

The only downside was I didn't find any shoes/boots I liked. They mostly fell into two categories: butt-ugly or screamingly impractical. Boots with three inch or higher heels fall into the latter category most of the time (some are also butt-ugly), especially since I have to walk to work right now, what with the bus strike. A mile each direction. I've made that walk in high heels before, and I don't want to do it any more than I have to, unless I have to.

Waiting for 2:55 to roll around. There is a button I have to push at that time, let the program run, and then I get to go home.


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