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SCA last night was quite the whirlwind. I had both bows and beads to juggle, and somehow I managed. Only broke three fingernails, too!

Now most of the loaner bows have new strings, including 3 or 4 of the ones for kids. Most of the strings still need serving and nocks, but this is definitely a good start. Etienne taught the class, and we had almost more people than be could manage making strings. I made one, too.

While doing that, I was also "farming out" veil kits to friends. Three friends, five veils. Not bad at all. I had my hands full of bow strings while giving advice on color design and construction, and while dispensing beads for the projects. I think I got everyone enough of the beads they need to get the veils done, except for Ingeleif. She wants to go a gold-based fringe, and I hadn't brought enough gold with me. Well, if more beads are needed, I still have plenty to spread around.

At dinner, I taught Ekat how to make the fringe on the veil. Dead easy, and she caught on immediately. This is going to be great!

But this cold is nasty. I didn't wear my gloves for the half block from my car to apartment, and my hands HURT by the time I tried to unlock the door. With it so cold, the heat is turned on high in my apartment building. I didn't sleep well at all last night because it was too WARM. And I had windows open!

So today has been a draggy fight against poor sleep, no breakfast, and a nagging headache. I'm going home now - by bus, dammit I'm not walking a mile if I don't have to - and I'm going to try and get some sleep before tackling my ongoing computer problems.
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I got started on storyboarding my animated short. It is now going in a new and better direction. I still have a lot left to do on it, but I got started, and now I will keep going on it.

Because I got the storyboards underway, I got to go to 12th Night. I had a very good time. I got to wear layers and layers of clothing, including my snowflake overdress with the full circle sleeves - more fabric in the sleeves than the rest of the dress. And the matching snowflake veil. I also got to wear my dark green wool cloak with the beaded trim. Most of the time, it is just too big and heavy to wear to events, but the nature of the site made it very practical to wear. I wish I'd worn my blue and purple hood, too - I was still kinda cold over the shoulders.

The highlight of the event (for me) was getting called into court for the Order of the Willow. I was not expecting that. Not even in the slightest. I was very bouncy for the rest of the night. I didn't get home until well after one.

Sunday was archery, which was low turn out ('cause of 12 night, and because I didn't say explicitly that there was going to be practice), but I shot ok. Then I went over to my brother's apartment, because he bought an X Box.

He bought it Saturday, and he must have spent much of Saturday and Sunday practicing Soul Caliber II. He'd definitely gotten better. I still beat him 4 times out of 5, and in one very memorable run, I trounced him 10 times in a row using *his* character. Sooner or later, he's going to get good enough to beat me regularly, but not yet.

My cat was sick yesterday. Acting like a heat leech, curled up tight against the radiator. Very lethargic - usually she makes about four trips across my lap while I'm at the computer, and she didn't even try once. And her ears were glowing pink - almost red. I know she was running a fever, and her body was trying to dump heat through her ears. She's much better today - still lethargic, but her ears are their normal white, and she is following me around the apartment again. And eating and drinking.

I might be next. I feel fine so far, but my throat is feeling swollen and slightly irritated when I swallow. Hope it goes away, 'cause I hate being sick.


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