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Work was dang near a complete loss for productivity today.

My work computer has been having problems printing under a *very* specific set of circumstances. I finally bothered the tech crew with it, and after fiddling with a few settings, my tech took a look at where my computer was in the hardware upgrade cycle. It's in the next batch, so he just moved it up and replaced it today.

So the morning was a loss as he got it all set up. Then I had to go through and tweak it back to my preferences, and there went the entire morning.

I also failed to eat a mid-morning snack, so by the time I went to get lunch, I was headache-y with hunger. Eye strain from a too-strong prescription and fiddling with the screen resolution didn't help. I also chose the wrong food to eat for lunch (I should have gone with the salad), and by mid-afternoon I was teetering on the edge of a migraine. Thank goodness to ibuprofen and caffeine, and then a brief nap when I got home. But my concentration was shot, and I got nothing of substance done.

I think I'm ready for tomorrow. I repackage my music so I'm only bringing out what I'm playing (although I'm really tempted to bring out the new books, just to pet them). The spare strings and the hat pass seed money have been transferred to the new case. I've got a hundred + buttons in the chest, and the basket is mostly packed - just have to toss in tomorrow's lunch. I just need to pack up my change of clothes and lay out the part of the costume I drive out to Fest in. Meh, Ive been doing this for years, if I forget something, I can improvise and cope, just as long as I don't forget my violin (I actually did that once, forgot to bring my violin out with me, I think during my second or third year with Terps).

I'm thinking about sign for my hat pass: "Music Tutor, Lessons in Fyne Music." Yes, no?

Parking at Fest has changed *again*, and again, at the last minute. This one isn't management's fault, directly, but as the quarrying of the site continues, they are going to have to come up with better solutions in a more timely manner.

I should go to bed. Tomorrow morning is going to come way too soon.
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Tomorrow is August 1. Fest opens August 21. Right, time to panic.

Not really. I've been working on adding more bling to my costume for a couple of months. Yet every time I finish adding a layer of pearls, I realize I really should add more. But I need to stop after this layer so I can address the other costuming refurbishment issues.

Like, finishing the refurb of older Felix costume. It's a lovely rose/cotton candy pink, and I made it something like 12 years ago, and not for Fest. However, I put on too much weight to wear it, so it hung in my closet, looking pretty but unwearable. Then, I lost all that weight and then some, and there was exactly one weekend at Fest where it was wearable - the last weekend of Fest near the end of the first year of going to the gym (on a side note, that was the first weekend where I started to get stopped by patrons for photos, and yes, I am vain). The next year it was too big. And it remained too big.

This spring Felix offered to help me refurb it so I could wear it again - he thought it was too pretty a dress to be relegated to the back of the closet. The skirt was easy enough, just had to take out some pleats and pull in the waistband. But the bodice, that was going to be trickier, or so I thought. Taking in the sides really wasn't going to fix the fit issues across the shoulders. However, taking four inches out of the back, that solved most of the fit issues. 'Course, I nearly had to deconstruct the whole bodice to do so....

Anyhow, I'm taking the opportunity to add trim and other bling. The buttons I originally used are no longer available, but I acquired a whole bunch of buttons this spring that I should be able to use, if I redesign how the buttons are used....

And I still have to finish boning the new hoop skirt, and re-hem the pink overskirt, and make sure the currant/chenille dress fits properly over the new hoop and I really should make another chemise....

It's going to be nice having two costumes to wear, one of which doesn't require assistance to get into.

I really haven't started serious violin practice, just some cursory repertoire review. I never got my act together in time to buy a new violin (many reason, including the fact that I also want a new bow and a new case, and I don't have the tip money to buy all of them this year, although I probably will for next year), and I still ought to record my own CD for sale. But the ongoing issues I've been having with my arms have contributed to my lack of wanting to practice.

Those issues seem to be clearing up, at least enough. I've kept up the shoulder and elbow rehab exercises, which have kept my left half mostly happy. But they have also helped with repairing all the damage I've done this year to the right. Also, I've (FINALLY) started wearing elbow and wrist braces when out in the yard, or when stripping paint off of the windows. It's made a huge difference. You would think I might have figured this out before now.

The other nasty pain issue that might be going away is a truly nasty bout of plantar faciitis in my right foot. I don't know the specific event that triggered it, but both running and karate class keep it active. It I don't ice my foot down after class or a running session, I can barely walk the next day without limping. Even with ice and ibu, I still notice it. I'd rather keep running for cardio work, but I am tired of the pain. I've switched over to using a stationary bike for cardio work, which I don't especially like, but Fest is hard enough on my feet without deliberately continuing with a known irritant.

So, the state of me. Fest now takes over and dominates my life for the next two plus months. I should probably add at this point, I always get comp tickets as part of my compensation. I'll give them to whoever asks, but it is always on a first come, first serve basis, and I've already got requests on six tickets, two of which are hard locks.

For a moment of zen, nothing says trust, and "I love You" like a cat climbing into your lap for snuggles, resting a cheek on your wrist while falling asleep. Then twitching and dreaming in your lap, only to wake up purring and wanting face and ear rubs.

It was a good day today.


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