Dec. 27th, 2003 07:40 pm
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I've got a great brother.

Christmas was spent at his apartment. He has a much bigger kitchen than I do, and a lot more space overall. Especially since his stuff still hasn't arrived. I brought over a lot of my cook stuff, pots, pans, tools and the like, but even so, we forgot several things. Like slotted spoons, a ladle for the soup, can opener, enough mixing bowls, tongs, and so on. The little things in a kitchen you never think of until you reach for them and they are not there.

Aside from cooking, we spent most of the afternoon watching movies. I made him watch Gollum's acceptance speech from the MTV awards - enormously funny. We also watched Finding Nemo and Lilo & Stitch (which he hadn't seen).

My Christmas present from him was a new VCR. Yay! Now I can easily dub out my demo reel on demand. Now I need to make a new reel. The more I watch the one I currently have, the more I cringe at it. I gave him a copy of Iron Monkey. I'd also wanted to give him a copy of Holy Grail, but I couldn't find a copy. Mom and Dad sent their usual assortment of small stuff and calendars - Dad found a book for me entitled Spells for Cats. My other brother hasn't sent anything yet, but that's not uncommon. We are all not exactly good at remembering to get stuff into the mail in time. Heck, his pressies aren't going into the mail until tomorrow, although I did buy them before Christmas this year.

Work was a bore today. At least my boss sent me home early. Well, he sent everyone home early - with the abbreviated trading day, we were all done in early. That was also the carrot. So, after taking a stroll through Target, I went home.

The weather today was phenomenal! I took a very long route home, determined to enjoy as much of this lovely lovely weather as I could. The squirrels in Loring Park are fat and sassy. And one of them is sable black. I wanted to get a longer look at this one, but it ran up the back of the nearest tree and hid in a nest. Guess this one balances out the white one I saw in scrub near Lake Calhoun.

Tomorrow is the annual Christmas trip to visit Grandma. I'm not sure what to get her, though I should find a box of her favorite chocolate covered cherries.
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The Fellowship and Two Towers showing on Friday was fantastic.

Saturday, I skipped SUN to go to a group animation meeting. Each of us is supposed to be presenting a story for production. If we were on schedule, we would be finalizing 3D character designs. We're not. At any rate, when my turn rolled around, the group helped me beat my story into some sort of shape. I knew the characters, I knew the setting, I knew the conflict, I knew a couple of the gags, and I knew the pay-off. What I didn't know was the beginning and the how to keep it from being mean. Now, I have a much better idea of how it all works, and I should have most of my storyboards ready for the next meeting in three weeks.

And I spoke with my friend at Oops. They have my demo reel, they have not looked at it, BUT my cover letter and resume have been evaluated. The boss is looking forward to getting my disk of Flash stuff, which he should be getting today. I should call on Thursday. Not hiring right now, but it sounds like he might be within the next couple of months, so I should be persistent.

Afterward, I headed out rather randomly. I got some lovely amethyst seed beads, the realized I better head home soon, 'cause someone cut my strings and I was about to fall over. When I did fall over, it was about four hours before I got back up.

Sunday was busy. Archery, Terpsichory dance practice, and then dinner with my brother. I was shooting poor for scores (not that we were shooting for score), but my groupings are really getting better. Dance practice reminded me why I play the fiddle instead of dancing. The hoppy dances - and we do a lot of hoppy dances - are pure pain on my arches. My ankles were complaining, too, but strengthening them would take care of that. The arches, though, that's not going away. A year of four days a week ballet proved that.

Sunday was also my brother's birthday. We had dinner at Timberlodge, and chatted for quite a while. I also bought the tickets for Return of the King for Wed. night. A whole group of us are going, and hopefully this bit of pre-planning will save us lots of time on Wed.

Today, though, just keeps dragging on. I'm not sure what I'm going to so when I get off work. I should draw, or animate, or storyboard, but I probably won't. I will be seeing Two Towers in the theatre tonight, so it will be late by the time I get to bed. Maybe I'll dig up a Maya tutorial and work through that - learn something new, limited time & duration, possibly be useful for a future animation.

Just realized I can't send out any more demo reels - I only have one left, and I need it to dub out more. Time to buy more hardware, or disconnect my VCR and take it over to my brother's and dub it out there.


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