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Didn't get any animation done last night. I did bind the skin to the skeleton, and started to play with the weighting on it, but I was completely unsatisfied with the results. I'm thinking I'm going to have to start over and try a variety of different techniques to get this right.

I'm not going to SCA tonight. I will try go get more animation done. I'm also going to spend some time beading - I finished a veil last night (three in the last week!), and made a good start on a new one. I also need to take care of some household chores - taking out the garbage, laundry, that sort of thing. I hate having to do that sort of thing. No nap - tried that yesterday and all I did was make my head fuzzy and muzzy for the rest of the evening, which is probably why I didn't have much success with animating or modeling.

Tomorrow, dinner with friends and family, and the final prep for the demo reel and cover letter/resume I'm mailing on Friday, dammit!
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The apartment has heat. The contractor has hooked up a heating unit hidden in a semi to the radiator system of the apartment, and the building has heat. Yay! I still let the space heater run all night, though.

I was fairly productive last night - don't know why. Got all but the specialty laundry done, delegated some shoes to the Goodwill bags, threw out the trash, including my dead vacuum cleaner. Finished reading a short story in an old magazine (finally starting to catch up on the backlog of three SF magazines), and got some beadwork done.

Tonight, SCA with non-SCA costuming. Very glad my costume for this year is warm and comfy. This cold grey weather is not inspiring me to heights of costuming creativity.


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