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Last night was another really late night. 4 AM late. And I'm not sure how high the quality of the illustrations I emailed were.

I spent a fair amount of time on Saturday drawing new scenes. I spent more time tracing final inks for the near finished illustrations. I did more of the same on Sunday, except computer work instead of tracing. I got everything for the final images scanned and composited, 'though I'm not happy with a few of them. I tried getting all the new rough comps scanned, but my scanner stopped talking to my printer. It still takes forever to get the finished files uploaded into email, and the upshot was I just didn't get done what I needed to get done until 4.

Heck, my cat was pestering me to go to bed. I was interrupting her schedule, and That Is Not Allowed.

I probably should have stayed home and gotten some more sleep, and then worked some more on the illustrations. But here I am. I'll stop for coffee and work on one, maybe two more illustrations after work.

I've gotta start working to scale within the composition. It might cut down on the time I spend trying to get the various pieces to match together. One took forever to make the perspective ok (it's still not right), and another I'm just having to ignore (mixing 1 point and 2 point perspective is tricky). I need to take detail out of another - it's fine for larger layouts, but the detail gets lost or muddied when shrunk to size.

I still haven't started on the cover. I have a vague idea. Locate camera, take pictures, get a new roll of film, take more pictures, get them developed, select, scan scan scan, and hope inspiration strikes.


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