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When I got home yesterday, the fuzzy kitty-cat was sleeping peacefully on the jewelry box, the workmen having let her out when they finished. I gave her a hug, and some tuna, and all seems to be fine.

But I am still not forgiven. I probably won't be until I get everything back into place.

I doubt that will be happening soon. There is water damage to the ceiling over and wall behind the china cabinet, which I should have building maintenance take care of before putting everything back. I also want to steam clean the carpets, and really wash down the hardwood floors.

The new windows are really nice, though. Easy to open and close and lock, and I can actually remove the screens, which is nice for installing an A/C window unit. Not that I have one, or plan to get one, but still nice. I found out that I could remove the screens this morning when I want to look out and see who the *(#$&*^^$%! idiot who was breaking glass at 6:15 in the morning. Directly under my apartment. It was one of the contractors, salvaging the metal frames, and not some twipwit vandal, but, jeez, it was early!

Time to dash. I think it is going to be a race getting home before the rain starts.
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New windows are happening today! I found this out last night at 6:30 when I left for a recording session for Terpsichory. When I got home after nine, I immediately had to start moving furniture and stuff. And getting the last pieces of garbage out of the way. The entertainment block moved fairly easily, and didn't fall apart like I thought it might. The real pain of the evening came from moving the china cabinet, first removing the stuff on top of it (including an miniature cast iron coal-burning stove), then emptying the cabinet itself. Even so, that sucker is heavy, and my back is complaining about it today.

A quick sweep and some spot cleaning, and everything is looking pretty good.

I got up early this morning to finish converting my bedroom, and to take down the curtain, and any other number of small tasks.

During all of this, my cat just look bewildered. All this stuff being moved into places she wasn't used to. So much stuff now sitting in her nap spaces, or blocking access to them

Last week had been a rough one for her. I hadn't been home much to give her the attention she thought she deserved. I stepped soundly on her tail one morning. And the worst sin of all, I ran out cat food. But with fresh food, a day dedicated to scratching her ears, and maybe a touch of tuna, she had apparently forgiven me.

All of that has now gone by the wayside. When the contractors came this morning, it quickly became clear to her that they weren't leaving, so she went and hid in the bathroom. While she was hiding, I chatted with the contractors about what they wanted me to do with her. This is when I found out that neither the kitchen nor the bathroom windows were going to be replaced today because the wrong size had been ordered. So, I offered to lock her in the bathroom for the day. I made up a bit of a bed, I put her (full) food dish and water basin in the room, and found a spot for her litter box. I left the light on, and then I left for work. I was late, but since I called twice (once to say I wasn't coming in, once to say I was), it wasn't a big deal.

When I get home today, I am expecting to find her completely wired. She may not be able to see or hear what is going on, but she can darn well feel it.

I expect it will be at least a week after I get everything back in its place before she decides I am worthing of snuggling up to during the night.

But, I will have new windows.
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The fire alarms went off in my building this morning, a bit before eight. It took me a while to figure out exactly what that racket was - almost sounded like bad speakers. At any rate, I finished dressing for work, if more hurriedly, then stuffed the cat into her carrier and headed outside.

The apartment manager is on vacation, though I must be the only person in the building to know this. Of the few people outside, no one had called either the management company or the fire department. So, whipping out the cell phone, I call the management company emergency number and let them know that the fire alarms are blaring. The sleepy lady on the other end of the phone says she'll send someone over to turn them off. I don't call 911, because by now I'm pretty darn sure that this is a false alarm. I do call work to let them know I will be late.

So, chatting with some of the other residents, several with cats of their own, I discover that this happened yesterday afternoon, as well. Which certainly explains the lack of other residents on the lawn. And yes, it is a false alarm. Either a bad prank, or bad wiring. Either way, I hope they get it fixed soon, 'cause repeated false alarms are only going to cause tragedy later.

My cat, however, was not happy. She can't hear the alarms, so she has no idea why I suddenly shoved her into her carrier and took her outside. She hates leaving my apartment, as in psychotic freak outs for being taken to the other side of my apartment door. I take her to the vet, I have to get tranquilizers in advance. Anyhow, when I get her back into the apartment and let her out of the carrier, she goes and hides in the bathroom behind the tub. She comes out a few minutes later, but she won't let me touch her. At least not until she finds her way back to the food dish. Then I can pet her.

Work, eh. The rest of the week is going to be nuts. Christmas is messing with deadlines all over the place, and while we have sent emails to the people who need to be aware of the deadline changes, a goodly number of them won't bother to read them and will proceed to get pissy when we can't process their orders.

Gotta going the rest of the shopping madness tonight. A few groceries, and trying to find a present for my brother. Harder than you might think - most of his stuff is still in transit from Germany, so I don't know what he needs, and I don't know what he already has. Maybe I'll get lucky.
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There is no heat in my apartment.

I initially thought that it was just one of those temp things - the building thermostat thought it was warm enough or somesuch. I've lived here a while, I'm used to it.

But boy, did it make getting out of my warm bed difficult this morning.

And it snowed. Grrr. I'm not that fond on snow, though I like it better than deep cold. Still, it's too early in the winter for me to have properly experienced deep cold, an this weather is cold enough.

I got home yesterday to see a lot of trucks with the words "heating" and "air conditioning" and "repair" on their sides setting up around my apartment.

Ah-ha! There is something wrong with the heating system and it is getting fixed. I like it when there is a prompt response from building management.

Except, the news is not all good. The management company left a note - the boiler is toast and the heating system FUBARed, and it will take several weeks to fix. The trucks outside my building are the temperary heating system, and it might take as long as tomorrow before they get everything hooked up and heat into the building.

It's under 60 in my apartment, and I don't like the cold. I turned on the shower to hot for about an hour last night. Still have hot water, just not in the boiler system. Started boiling three pots of water. There was a fog bank in my bathroom now, but the temperature crept over 70, and the apartment was at least no longer cold.

BD came over tonight to let me have a look-see at all his HR forms and stuff. I Gave him some general advise on what mutual funds companies to choose for his 401K. He also bringing over a green pepper and crackers and cheese. I made a rather tasy chicken entree, and the cheese and crackers made a nice appetizer.

I hope the contractors get the heat working today.


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