Jan. 12th, 2013

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I got a smartphone a bit over a year ago.  It has an e-reader on it, and I like it lots.  However, it is small, and the battery life sucks.  While I have been mostly happy with it, I think I will be swapping phones once Verizon offers an upgrade.

My desktop computer is old, and it is noisy,   I rarely turn it on these days.

My laptop is a hand-me-down from my brother, and it, too, is old.  I struggle with it a lot, as it is not responsive, but at least is it quiet.

I think what I really want is a tablet of some sort.  I spec'ed out a Nexus 7 recently.  It has more RAM than my laptop.  I recently got a substantial raise at work, and my birthday is two months out, so a new toy is not out of the question.  There is more money in each paycheck, even after I increased all of my savings streams.

I realized recently that all of my bras are over a year old, and one clearly needs replacing.  I wandered over to Nordstrom's Rack after my workout at the gym to see if they had my favorite style in stock.  Four bras later, I wander out to walk the rest of the Mall - it was a hard workout at the gym, and I needed to move.

There is now a Best Buy at the MoA.  I wandered in to look at the various tablets.  They didn't have any of the Google tablets, but they had lots of others.

Boy, the 7 inch tablet is small.  I like the 10 inch.  The 9 inch is pretty good, too.  One consideration:  I'd like to try digital drawing/sketching.  The 7 inch table just does not allow for much gesture in the drawing motion.  But then I'm looking at prices around $500, which is not toy range.  I'm pretty sure I'd want to add a keyboard, at least for at home.  Light laptops start at about $600.  Some even do touch screen.  Intuos peripherals of the quality I want start about $300.

So, do I upgrade to a laptop, complete with keyboard , or try a tablet? Which brand? I thought a Nexus 7 would be appropriate, but if I already think it is too small....


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