Nov. 16th, 2012

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An acquaintance of mine from Fest, a diligent playtron and stunning cross-dresser, was diagnosed with cancer two weeks prior to the end of Fest.  It's a lung cancer of the lymphoma variety and at stage four (he also had pneumonia, but given the cancer, almost secondary).  The doctors found it had already spread to other organs, his bones, and his brain.  Still, he was hopeful that aggressive treatment would yield positive results, like another season for the Lady of Levitation and Lord of Libation at Fest.

It was announced today on Facebook that he is "calling it."  A little digging on his boyfriend's FB wall told me that he is probably not going to make it to Thanksgiving, but that they have found a good cocktail of drugs for him, to keep him comfortable.

This makes me sad.  I don't know him very well, and our social circles didn't overlap that much.  But he always was glad to see me at Fest or elsewhere, and I him, and I always treasured his compliments, 'cause he *knew* exactly what went into making and detailing my costumes.  And in wearing them.  I did mention he was a stunning cross dresser?  Try professional.  His Lady of Levitation dresses are amazing, and he did that for his own entertainment, not a modeling gig.


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