Mar. 7th, 2012

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So, tomorrow is my birthday.  It's one of those big, even number, milestone birthdays.  I have the rest of the week off to celebrate and do non-work stuff, like shopping and sewing.  But to get to tomorrow, I had to get through today.

Today was extremely good to me.

Questions got answered, problems got solved, and tasks moved onto completion.  Before lunch, I had to deal with a department meeting where the big service award winner was going to be announced, and I was on the list of candidates.  It's a cute bit of theatre, and it doesn't take long, but it's not like I was going to win  To get on the list, one has to win quarterly service award, and I'd gotten two individual and two team nominations & wins this past year.  It's not an especially hard barrier, as most nominations are promoted to wins, but getting someone to nominate you can be hella hard, especially for those who work in operations.

For what it is worth, I simply told the admins who were so effusive in thanks over the miracles I routinely performed that nothing says thanks like a service award nomination. Two of them took the hint.

So, I'm one of about 20-30 people who qualified (including my co-worker for whom many of you know my assessment).  I'd reviewed the list and determined who I thought was going to win and who I was rooting for.  I know dang good and well that there is always some politicking going on in the background, and there is an element of luck in being declared the winner.  So, I stood and I waited for the senior VP to crown the winner, so I could get back to work and then go to lunch.

And then she dropped the plastic tiara on my head, declaring me the winner for 2011.


Somehow, I got the rest of my pre-lunch tasks done, and I spent much of lunch trying to get my head back into focus.

But post-lunch, there are more distractions: the deliveries started.  My loving family, knowing I had the day off tomorrow, sent cookies, and chocolate, and flowers, and balloons.  I shared the cookies, hid the chocolates, and left the balloon and flowers at my desk.

I could go all navel-gazing on my birthday this year, but really, why? OK, I'll give you the short form: I'm far fitter and healthier than I was 10 years ago.  I'm still driving the same car, but I can better afford a replacement than I could when I initially bought it.  I own a house, and I can support my finally dwindling debt.  While I may not have my dream job, I do have a job that lets me flourish.  I'm not in a committed relationship, and really never have been, but neither am I trapped a "better than being alone" relationship.  I've traveled internationally, survived a tornado, and been made staff by two cats.   Pretty much, I get to live my life on my terms, and I think that is a good thing.


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