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Memory is a tricky and stubbon thing.  I've had many compliments about my lovely new dress this year from crafters who see me every year.  This is the same dress I've been wearing for six years, and will be demoting to rain dress for next year (to be worn only on rainy days).

I'm in much better shape this Monday than I was last week.  My fingertips are still tender, but the callouses are thickening.  My hips don't hurt, and my feet aren't quite as swollen.

I did reach a decision about new boots.  What with the plantar fascitis and the neuroma, I need footware that fits and can take insoles.  The Sons of Sandlar boots are great for accepting the insoles, so I'm not getting the plantar fascitis flares.  But last week, and on Saturday, my feet hurt at the end of the day, so much so that I could not bear the thought of wearing them on Sunday if I had a choice.  I hauled out the Catskills, which I had retired yast year because the don't take orthotic insoles.  By the end of the day, I could feel the plantar fascitis starting to grumble, but my feet didn't hurt.  So, I will suck up the cost of new Catskills, and I will get fitted for a new pair, and I will make sure to bring the insoles I used daily.  Tips better be good this year!
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