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I really wanted to get a couple hours of yardwork done today.  I knew it was going to be a scorcher, so I got up early.  Still, it was a lost cause by 9 AM - 92 in my back yard and climbing.  A quick shower while my coffee brewed, and then I decided I'd better do some laundry.  It's also cooler and drier in the basement.  Out of reflex, I did a visual check of the floor for water while I loaded up the washer.  I wasn't expecting anything, as there hasn't been significant rain in over a week.

So, imagine my surprise when I spotted a puddle in the middle of the floor, unconnected to any streams coming from the walls.  Maybe it was the remains from the Tuesday AM thunderstorm?  Nope.  There is water dripping oh so slowly from the pipes that lead to my bathroom.  Some of the wood floor/ceiling is wet, too.  I check the bathroom, and yes, there is water slowly seeping from the pipe leading to the cut-off valve.

Over the weekend, the flapper in the toilet stopped sealing correctly, so the tank was constantly refilling.  Trying to fix it, I turned the water off to the toilet while I fiddled with the flapper settings.  I had to do this a couple of times.  I think my fiddling may have destroyed whatever seals had been in place.  I doubt that it has been leaking any longer since Sunday or Monday.

My first solution was turn off the water to the toilet.  Water continued to seep out of the threads.  I gave my brother a call, and I decided to turn off the water to the house.  D came over,  and we started to diagnose the problem.  The solution:  $35 of new plumbing parts at Home Depot, including a new flapper.  D made me (let me?) do most of the work, although he did apply that last bit of torque.

So far, it seems to be fixed. I keep checking for drips and seeps.  What got wet is drying out.  Right now, I am waiting for my neighbors to run out of fireworks. 
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